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Before using the official website of City Tent Club (www.citytent.club, including its desktop and mobile versions, hereinafter referred to as “this website”), please be sure to read the following terms carefully (minors should read it accompanied by their guardians). You can choose not to use this website, but using this website (including but not limited to requesting and sending data from the server of this website through a browser or other applications), means that you have known and agreed to the entire content of this document. If the user has any objection to any of the terms of this document, please stop using all the services provided by this website. The operator of this website and the issuer of this document is Shanghai Yunceng Culture Development Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “we”).

1. General

  1. This statement applies to all the services we provide on this website (including but not limited to page browsing, data query and other services provided to registered and unregistered users, e-commerce services, and website login, content publishing, etc. Serve).
  2. We reserve the right to change, modify, add or remove portions of these Terms and Conditions at any time in our sole discretion. It is your responsibility to check these Terms and Conditions periodically for changes. Your continued use of this site after changes have been posted constitutes your acceptance and consent to those changes.
  3. You agree that all matters (including all disputes) related to your access or use of this website shall be governed by the laws of China (excluding Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan region). In the event of a dispute or dispute between you and us arising from your use of this website, the parties shall attempt to resolve such disputes through negotiation in good faith. If it cannot be resolved through negotiation, either party may submit such dispute to Shanghai Arbitration Commission.

2. Using this website

  1. Certain features or services offered on this website may require you to register for an account. If you register as a user of this website, you need to keep your account and password safe. When you’re done using it, you should log out safely. Your account number or password may be stolen due to your poor storage, and you shall be solely responsible for the consequences arising therefrom.
  2. When publishing information on this website, you need to ensure that the published information does not violate the laws of China and the country where you are located. In case of violation of this article, the consequences shall be borne by you. If you cause losses to us due to the illegal information you released, you need to compensate us for the losses.
  3. You promise not to do the following:
    • Reverse engineer, reverse assemble, decompile the code of this website, or otherwise attempt to discover the source code of the software;
    • Attempt to gain unauthorized access to any part or feature of this website by hacking, password cracking or any other illegitimate means;
    • Probe, scan or test for vulnerabilities on this website or any network connected to this website;
    • Disrupt the security or authentication measures employed by this website or any network connected to this website;
    • Take any action that places an unreasonably or disproportionately high load on the servers or infrastructure of this website;
    • Use the information or services provided on this website for illegal purposes.
  4. We try our best to create a friendly and valuable environment for all users. When posting information on this website, you may not harass, insult or slander others; you may not infringe on the legal rights of others; you may not use malicious language to attack others; you may not publish spam. This website has the right to judge whether the content you publish complies with the provisions of this agreement, and reserves the right to remove the content you publish without notifying you.

3. Your rights

  1. We will do our best to protect your privacy and will not disclose your non-public content stored on this website to third parties unless:
    • In order to meet relevant laws and regulations or upon the request of judicial and administrative agencies.
    • In order to complete a merger, division, acquisition or transfer of assets.
    • Necessary to provide the service you have requested.
    • The circumstances is detailed in our Privacy Statement or other agreements.
  2. You have the right to stop using the services provided by this website at any time. If you have already registered an account on this website, you can send an email to [email protected] to ask us to delete your account, and we will delete all your data stored in the server of this website.

4. Intellectual property

  1. If the original information published by registered users on this website enjoys intellectual property rights according to law, such intellectual property rights shall belong to the user himself/herself.
  2. Using this website to publish information means that you authorize us to publicly use the information you publish on this website, and authorize us and other users of this website to reproduce and disseminate your published information in other forms such as forwarding and sharing.
  3. When you publish information on this website that others have intellectual property rights (or other legal rights), please ensure that you have obtained the authorization of the relevant content owner, and the scope of authorization should cover the scope of use of the information on this website. If this website receives a notice from a third party that the information you posted on this website infringes its legitimate rights and interests, this website has the right to remove the disputed content you posted without notifying you. If disputes over intellectual property rights and other rights are caused by the content you publish, you shall bear all the legal consequences by yourself. If your actions cause us losses, you shall bear corresponding responsibilities.
  4. If you think that any content on this website infringes your legal rights such as intellectual property rights, you can file a complaint with this website at [email protected], and this website will handle it in accordance with relevant laws and regulations.
  5. If this website deletes relevant content in accordance with the above clauses, if the corresponding publishing user has any objection, he can send a written statement to this website about the non-infringement of the deleted content according to law, and provide evidentiary materials with probative effect. After the written review of this website, it will be dealt with according to the actual situation according to law.
  6. Unless otherwise stated, the content published on this website, including logos, graphic content, video, audio, layout design, website structure and design, program code, etc., is not part of the user’s release, and its intellectual property rights belong to this website. Without the prior written authorization of this website, no one shall use these materials in any way outside this website.
  7. If you want to use the information or data whose intellectual property rights are held by this website, please contact the email [email protected] of this website and obtain the corresponding authorization. For any violation of the above statement, this website reserves the right to pursue its legal responsibility.

5. Disclaimer

    • The information and services provided by this website will meet your requirements or expectations;
    • The information and services provided by this website will be reliable, timely, free from interference or tampering, safe and error-free;
    • Any errors in the information and services provided by this website will be corrected;
    • You are guaranteed to be able to post information on this website, or the information you post must be preserved or made public.
  2. This website only provides storage space for information posted by users. All content posted by users only represents the personal views of the publishers, and it is not deemed that this website knows the content or agrees with their views, nor can it prove the authenticity and legality of the content. Users who post content are responsible for the authenticity and legality of the content they post. All disputes and legal responsibilities arising from the published content shall be borne by the user who posted the content. To the extent permitted by law, this website disclaims responsibility for the above content.
  3. When using the information published on this website, you should identify the authenticity, reliability and legality of the information by yourself. This website is not responsible for all disputes or accidents caused by the use of information posted by users.
  4. Except for the operation team of this website, if any user provides products or services to other users on this website, or uses products or services provided by other users on this website, this website does not provide any form of guarantee for them. The relevant risks should be independently judged and borne by the user.
  5. When users publish content on this website that infringes on the intellectual property rights, reputation rights or other legitimate rights and interests of others, or publishes relevant content that damages national interests, violates current laws, regulations and related policies, or violates public order and good customs, this website has the right to block or block the corresponding content. Deletion and other processing measures, and reserves the right to transfer to judicial or administrative agencies for processing. The specific handling of the above content by this website is subject to the relevant account management rules and limited to the obligations required by law. This website will not be held responsible for failing to fulfill obligations beyond the legal provisions.
  6. If individuals or organizations (hereinafter referred to as “complainants”) believe that there is content on this website that infringes their legitimate rights and interests, they should notify this website and provide materials as proof. This website will deal with the allegedly infringing content in accordance with the content of the notice of the complainant and the current legal provisions. This website handles relevant content in accordance with the law, which is deemed to have fulfilled the relevant legal obligations, and no longer bears any legal responsibility for the allegedly infringing content.
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