one piece of silver aluminium tent stake

Meet Pierko

Introducing Pierko, our new tent stake designed for a high performance standard balancing strength, holding power and light-weightness.

Light and strong

Crafted with high hardness aluminum alloy, each Pierko tent stake is a combination of light-weightness and toughness.

Each Pierko stake weights as low as 36% of its steel, or 60% of its titanium counterparts of similiar length.
During our testing, the beam structure of Pierko tent stakes can bear well over 100kgf of load.


Our new design transformed conventional Y-beam stakes with an optimized cross-sectional shape. Giving it even better structural strength and terrain adaptability.

Comparing to conventional Y-beam tent stakes, the cross section of Pierko is re-designed to offer a strong core and a larger force bearing area.

Comparing to V-beam stakes, the force bearing face of Pierko is a concave instead of a convex, offering enhanced holding power.



Pick your perfect tent stake

Pierko 20
20cm, silver

Pierko 25
25cm, silver

Pierko 20
20cm, grey

Pierko 25
25cm, grey

Pierko 20
20cm, black

Pierko 25
25cm, black

Pierko now comes with two lengths for different sized tents. We also offer three colors to suit your preference.


  • CTC-T903
    • Pierko Stake
  • Material
    • Aluminium alloy
  • SIze
    • Pierko 20
      • 12 × 18 × 200 mm
    • Pierko 25
      • 12 × 18 × 250 mm
  • Weight
    • Pierko 20
      • 30 g
    • Pierko 25
      • 38 g
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