HOMESICK, a capsule clothing series by City Tent Club and STAFFONLY for urban nomads. It combines the functionality needed for outdoor activities with the comfortable materials of homewear, so that everyone can still feel the ideal lightness, softness and comfort outdoors.


We were all nomads until we built our own homes.

In modern life, the outdoors and the home are two seemingly different places. The home is fixed and comfortable, while the outdoors are mobile and free. However, for humans who first lived in a nomadic way, home is the outdoors, and the outdoors is home. Our only and common home is the earth, and nomads’ definition of home will continue.

STAFFONLY illustrates unlimited imaginations which beyond the word itself. They focus on the logic hidden from the appearance and the sense of communal recognition from the groups and communities. The development on the fresh concept and identity is the essential first step in the symbiotic design process. It leads to a series of curated materials and colors choices for an ironic and provocative take on fashion that is enhanced by functional and sculpted silhouettes. They visualized that “a STAFFONLY man always has an abundance of curiosity and a sense of humor, and he is willing to break the boundaries and to explore the unknown era of the world.”

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