Tears of a Mermaid

Legend has it that sharks are good at weaving, they can make cloth that is not wet in water, and their tears can turn into pearls. According to “Sou Shen Ji”, “There are sharks outside the South China Sea. They live in the water like fish, and they don’t waste their weaving. Their eyes can produce pearls when they cry.”

There is a golden island 500 nautical miles away from a fishing seaside town on the southern coastline. This island is located at the intersection of the inner sea and the outer sea. The location and climate of the island gave birth to the special and mysterious existence of the mermaid. According to legend, this group of people will turn their tears into pearls when they cry. People are always rushing to the legendary treasures, but the rumors are so loud that few people actually see them. People in the town think that they are just left behind by their ancestors. s legend.

Recently, on the day of the full moon, fishermen who get up early to fish can always see a graceful girl half-body on the reef and half-body in the sea by the seaside. There is a man beside her, and the woman is half leaning on the man’s lap In her arms, it looks like a couple who are in love with each other. What makes the fishermen puzzled is that every time the sun rises, the woman jumps into the water, leaving the man alone, looking blankly at the shore. seaside.

The hunter Wu Sheng has recently received a large amount of unknown wealth. People in the town are talking about his recent changes. Although the rumors do not please him, he still lives in luxury in the town with his unknown income. In the past, those boudoir ladies who he couldn’t get high in the past also changed their attitudes towards him. As expected, he chose the richest merchant’s lady in the town. Under the eyes of criticism and jealousy, he hugged him Beauty returns.

The fishermen found that they could no longer see the pair of lovers from a certain point. Occasionally, on the night of the full moon, they could see the woman leaning over and crying, and then jumped into the water at dawn, but since then there has been no one around. the man. The young fisherman was too curious about this scene. One day while fishing, he approached the reef where he could see the girl, and found irregular natural pearls of various sizes left on the reef. However, The boy didn’t say anything, but secretly hid the pearl in his jacket and took it away.

Our friend and illustrator Gouda Na has told us a melancholy ancient Chiense story of a mermaid, on which she has created two picnic mats and a frisby.

Tears of a Mermaid (Blue)
by Gouda Na

Tears of a Mermaid (Brown)
by Gouda Na

Tears of a Mermaid (Frisby)
by Gouda Na

Gouda Na is an illustrator who lives and works in Shanghai and graduated from Beijing Film Academy. Her study experience in the film academy made her very fond of film-like narrative language. In the creative process, she prefers some subtle mysteries brought about by deconstruction and spatial relationship feel.

Follow Gouda Na on:
Instagram: gouda_na
Weibo: @那狗达


All-in-one strap
Easy to roll up
and secure
Two layers of fabric
Water proof and
moisture isolation
Face fabric
feels cosy
and skin-friendly
Wear and tear resistant nylon fabric on the back



  • Picnic mat
    • Gallery Without Walls
  • Materials
    • Front
      • Polyester
      • with water repllent treated
    • Bottom
      • Nylon
      • PU coated, hydrostatic head 2000mm
  • Dimensions
    • Opened
      • 195 × 132cm
    • Folded
      • 50 × 9cm
  • Weight
    • 920g
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