“This is a coloring game, the land is milky white, the river is golden, the trees are transparent, and the grass is colorful. Put the ‘grasses’ on the grass and play with the nature that created the colors.”

Confessions of a Picnic Mat: “Hi everyone! My name is Jump and jump. Words, colors, shapes are a graphic designer’s game; hopscotch is a child’s game; going to a picnic is a big friend’s game; I’ll give it all to you! After lying on my body for a long time, please remember to stand up and jump!”

Welcome to Gallery Without Walls, the picnic mat series brought to you by City Tent Club. From time to time, artists and designers are invited to show their work here. This time XYZ Lab have warmed our hearts with two picnic mat games. Choose your favourite piece, roll it up and take it out!

Jump and Jump
by XYZ Lab

Grass and Grass
by XYZ Lab

XYZ Lab is a workspace established by Shao Nian, Wanqing and Tao Tao Lu in Shanghai in 2017. It emphasizes flexible and effective working methods while maintaining two states of dispersion and gathering. In addition to graphic design, it is also involved in publishing, exhibitions, writing, product development and other events.

Follow XYZ Lab on:
Instagram: xyzlabdesign
Weibo: @XYZ_Lab


All-in-one strap
Easy to roll up
and secure
Two layers of fabric
Water proof and
moisture isolation
Face fabric
feels cosy
and skin-friendly
Wear and tear resistant nylon fabric on the back



  • Picnic mat
    • Gallery Without Walls
  • Materials
    • Front
      • Polyester
      • with water repllent treated
    • Bottom
      • Nylon
      • PU coated, hydrostatic head 2000mm
  • Dimensions
    • Opened
      • 195 × 132cm
    • Folded
      • 50 × 9cm
  • Weight
    • 920g
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